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ChatGPT generated code

Can Artificial Intelligence turn YOU into a full-stack developer?

According to GitHub, their Copilot tool accounts for 46% of developers’ code across all programming languages, and 61% just for Java. Impressive, right? But what happens when you try it out yourself?

I am no professional coder–at least, not for over 10 years. Yet, using ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs, I was able to generate code in ReactJS (front-end) with Material UI (framework), and Python (backend) on Unix using an environment set up with all the npm packages. The app reads a job description, analyzes the most important skills, helps assess if a LinkedIn resume is right for a role that your recruiter has published, and even generates a targeted resume for you, suggesting edits, using AI.

The code generated in this way was about 70% ready. I still needed to use my Computer Science & Engineering degree and programming experience to deftly shape ChatGPT with knowledgeable prompts to generate the needed code. And I still employed oodles of ingenuity and used up hours of head-banging effort to get code actually to work in production.

❗️Yet, I’ve been able to do what I haven’t done in 10 years:

☀️ I’ve turned into a full-stack software developer.

💰The cost? Less than $2 in OpenAI API run-time fees.

If, using Artificial Intelligence, a product manager can turn into a full-stack engineer, imagine the sophistication of autonomous coding AI 5 or 10 years into the future. A revolution is coming with massive societal implications for our software industry. Here is a picture of the application I wrote, it works amazingly well!

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